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Fluent language in FsStory

A nice feature for a story runner is to be able to provide arguments in a story sentence, like this: ATableWithNumberOfLegs 4 This example is not hard to understand, but there’s some mental translation going on, since the order of … Continue reading

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[Announce] FsStory, executable stories in F#

Since Claudio Perrone’s talk on ├średev, I have been thinking about what his MisBehave would look like in F#. In his talk, Claudio also mentioned Cucumber, a story runner written in Ruby. My plan was to make a lightweight DSL … Continue reading

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My first F#, Binary Chop

Yesterday, I really felt like trying out F#. To get some inspiration, I visited PragProgs katas, and chose Kata Two — Karate Chop. Or, actually, I just implemented a “functional” solution. I tried to make an imperative pointer-based solution (which … Continue reading

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A thought on F#

A while ago I read this blogpost by Phil Wadler. The post is a comment on an article from an issue of Journal of Functional Programming. In that, Yaron Minsky and Stephen Weeks from Jane Street Capital talks about their … Continue reading

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