Joining Dotway!

Last Friday I joined Dotway! Dotway is a .NET consulting company and was founded in Malmö, but I will be working in the Gothenburg office.

Dotway is a Microsoft Gold partner (achieved through competencies) and offers services such as software development, design support, and training/mentoring. Dotway also practices agile and TDD, and “Dotway consultants are Certified ScrumMasters“.

I will start working in the beginning of November. Very exciting!

Some links:
Mikael Freidlitz
Johan Normén
Magnus Mårtensson
Øredev (a conference and a sister company)

About gustafnk

Developer at Jayway, REST/Hypermedia, AWD, Software apprentice, Dvorak user, Christian atheist, Zizek fan. I'm on twitter: @gustaf_nk
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One Response to Joining Dotway!

  1. Joel says:

    Congratulations, and good luck!Work them hard with your FP brainwashing program 🙂 And even more important, don't forget to write all of your code i F#!

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