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Lazy FizzBuzz in Haskell

Christian has been writing too many FizzBuzzes [1,2,3] right now, without me responding! We also got a comment in the first fizzbuzz post from sganslandt I’ve actually had the code for this post for two weeks now, but haven’t had … Continue reading

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FizzBuzz with F#

Once again, I’m going to give a solution to the fizz buzz problem, but this time in a, for me, completely new language – F#! I’ve been following the articles on Why I Love F# by Dustin Campell, but even … Continue reading

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On "Java, Improve or Renew", Java Posse #182

So, the “dual post” from me and Christian has not yet been produced (we need to drink coffee together more often!). It’s not really so that my fingers are itching – on the contrary; I’ve been writing on my thesis report like … Continue reading

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